KSF-L: Klover Standard Frame Series – Load-Bearing

KSF-L panels are located inboard of slab edges and are designed to support the weight of the floors above. They may also function as shear walls by adding supplemental flat strapping to one or both sides of the panels. Load-bearing panels can be constructed of cold-formed metal framing only or may contain hollow structural sections (HSS) to provide additional load carrying capacity. The panels are attached to the structure via powder-actuated fasteners through the bottom track or welded connections from the HSS tubes to embed plates. Load-bearing panels are designed to support various types of floor systems including bar joists with decking, deep profile decking, composite joist systems, and concrete plank flooring.

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KWG-L: Klover Weather Guard Series – Load-Bearing

This panel series is built upon our KSF-L panels but includes factory-installed environmental control layers. Klover offers multiple choices for exterior sheathing, air/water/vapor barriers, and exterior rigid insulation. Applying these components in our factory saves time and labor in the field, and greatly reduces the chance of weather-related delays during installation.

  • Your choice of sheathing, non-fluid applied vapor retarder or barrier, rigid insulation, and wood blocking at framed openings.

Recent Project: The Residences at Mid-town Park

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The Residences at Mid-town Park