KSF-C: Klover Standard Frame Series

KSF-C panels are used for non-load bearing exterior walls where the framing bypasses slab edges at each floor. Prefabricated curtainwall panels are typically no more than three stories in height due to load, handling, and shipping reasons. However, panels may be stacked upon one another for use with taller structures. The bottom of the curtainwall is attached to the structure via a fixed connection at the foundation and/or finished floor. At each floor location, the curtainwall system is connected to slab edges using slotted clips that allow independent floor deflection, which prevents floor loads from transferring to the curtainwall system.

  • Standard curtainwall framing system comprised of light gauge steel studs.
  • Attached to the exterior of a superstructure to hold substrate, finishes and façades.

KWG-C: Klover Weather Guard Series – Curtainwall

This panel series is built upon our KSF-C panels but includes factory-installed environmental control layers. Klover offers multiple choices for exterior sheathing, air/water/vapor barriers and exterior rigid insulation. Applying these components in our factory saves time and labor in the field, and greatly reduces the chance of weather-related delays during installation.

  • Your choice of sheathing, non-fluid applied vapor retarder or barrier, rigid insulation, and wood blocking at framed openings.

KCS-C: Klover Carrier System Series

The Carrier System Series builds upon our KWG-C product and offers factory installed clip and/or rail attachment systems for various façades. Please contact your local Klover sales rep for more information.

KFE-C: Klover Finished Exterior Series

Offers the ultimate in factory assembled wall systems included various metal façades. Please contact your local Klover sales rep for more information.

Recent Project: The Residences at Mid-town Park

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The Residences at Mid-town Park