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In a clean, climate controlled environment, we seamlessly integrate BIM to cold roll forming operation to foster precision quality prefabrication products that consistently deliver the schedule boosters of your dreams. Our systems dramatically reduce waste associated with material and on-site man hours while making your project safer and more productive.

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What We Do

Klover is transforming the way conventional construction is done by offering precision designed, engineered, and fabricated exterior and interior load and non-load bearing wall system, all of which are manufactured in a controlled environment.

Our team of well-trained designers, engineers, and tradespeople represent the best in the industry. We seamlessly integrate BIM (Building Information Model) to our advanced manufacturing process.

This approach allows us to increase speed of installation, maintain a high level of product quality, and eliminate excessive waste.

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How We Do It

Using BIM enables us to coordinate/overlay/insert the necessary information and integrate it into a cold roll forming operation, making the process more efficient with tighter and more controlled tolerances. The factory environment allows us to maintain a high level of safety, quality and efficiency that would be nearly impossible on a typical jobsite.

The digital fabrication process allows the project to flow seamlessly from digital design to steel stud manufacturing to final assembly. This eliminates the potential for delays caused by weather or other trades. It also allows us to check for potential issues prior to fabrication, thus eliminating excess waste in labor and materials.

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We Also Offer Construction Services

Our experienced tradesmen and leadership staff don’t rest until your project is completed on time with the quality you expect.


By progressively shifting the philosophy of traditional construction practices that typically generate inefficiencies in labor, our customers gain significant cost advantages by maintaining construction schedules, streamlining installation, and allowing other trades to work faster.

Prefabrication is paramount for those customers looking for a high-quality manufacturer without sacrificing quality and schedule.

Our advanced methods allow us to push the boundaries of site schedules making the otherwise impossible, possible. This approach of building projects faster at a higher level of quality and efficiency is what differentiates us from the competition.

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Why Klover?

100+ years of combined experience in project management, design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Proven success in large-scale high-profile projects. These projects range from civil, commercial, education, recreational, and military just to name a few. Check out our project gallery for more successfully completed projects.

A reputation for maintaining a high level of quality and service.

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Prefabrication Products

Drywall Shapes

Drywall Shapes

We offer 8-, 10-, and 12-foot-long custom drywall shapes with inside and outside corners. They feature a continuous outside corner paper finish with the option of tapered or butt joints. These sturdy shapes include an integrated gauge metal outside corner reinforcement strip and will be shrink-wrapped upon delivery to make sure they arrive on your job site in pristine condition.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  • Bathroom Pods


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