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Prefabricated Product Line Launch

Klover Prefab is excited to reintroduce our prefabricated wall panel offerings through our new Klover Product Line nomenclature and Product Data Sheets. Our 2 prefab panel product lines offerings are: Curtain Wall Panel (xxx-C) and Load-Bearing Wall Panel (xxx-L).

Our base series tier is our Klover Standard Frame (KSF). The KSF include the structural stud frame, in-panel bridging, opening framing, and if required shear walls to either support and/or surround your project. The KSF, once installed, is ready for the field addition of substrate, finish and building electrical, plumbing and data systems.

Building upon our KSF is our Klover Weather Guard (KWG) series. The KWG adds substrate layers to the KSF reducing on-site labor and project schedule. Available substrate layers include exterior glass mat sheathing, plus any or all of the following: non-fluid applied vapor barrier, rigid insulation and wood blocking at openings. After installation and panel joints are field covered, the KWG is a fully weather tight panel system resulting in project saving from enclosing the building faster.

All of our panel product lines are available in our Klover Standard Frame (KSF) and Klover Weather Guard (KWG) series.

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