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ABC Craftsman Competition – 2019

Congratulations to Levi Homen and Rhett Shewell who completed in the 2019 National Craft Championship Carpentry Competition in Long Beach, California. Levi made Klover history by winning the GOLD award (First Place) in the residential-Commercial Carpentry division! Levi also won the SAFETY award as well. Rhett also completed this project as well within the allotted time. These two young men earned their spots to compete after earning first and second place in Klover’s first ever fourth-year-apprentice competition in January.

Rhett and Levi have shown without dispute that they have dedicated their time and efforts to become not only highly skilled Carpenters but “amazing young men”. Their commitment to the trade, their families, and Klover is a shining example that others can look to for guidance and inspiration.

Kudos to all who guided them along their journey- their families, their peers, journeyman, Klover Academy instructors, site leaders, foreman, management, office/admin staff, and ABC. And of course a huge thanks to Jerry Kilhefner, Klover Owner, for providing the path of opportunity not only for Rhett and Levi, but for us all, to grow and prosper in this industry and in our personal lives.